Meet Dr. Pete Nathe

Dr. Pete Nathe of Yakima Smiles

Pete Nathe, DDS Dr. Pete Nathe is one of Yakima’s top practitioners of advanced cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry. Treating those with severe dental reconstruction needs and TMJ pain, as well as patients desiring a beautiful “LVI” smile makeover, Dr. Nathe is passionate about his profession.

“Patients may be surprised to learn that I am even more enthusiastic about dentistry than I was when I graduated from dental school twenty years ago! I have seen first-hand the joy and confidence that comes with a beautiful new smile and take pride in my expertise and artistry as a cosmetic dentist. My true fulfillment comes in treating TMJ disorders and witnessing the life-enhancing effects of neuromuscular dentistry.” – Dr. Nathe, Yakima Dentist

Dr. Nathe is a believer in the power of education and technology. He is one of only 600 dentists nationwide to be admitted as a fellow to the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, where he has completed rigorous post-graduate clinical training. In his office, he uses digital radiography and photography, laser detection of decay, and K-7 computer technology for the diagnosis of TMJ problems and for the establishment of the ideal and most comfortable bite.

“In many ways, my dental education began in 2000 when I took my first course at LVI. I became convinced of the extreme importance of experience and training in the more complex dental disciplines of advanced cosmetic dentistry, full mouth rehabilitation, and TMJ treatment and diagnosis. I believe my investment in continuing education at LVI over the past several years has been invaluable. I am also thrilled to be able to offer the very latest technology in my practice.”

In addition to his years of experience, Dr. Nathe has completed advanced training in the following areas:

  • Advanced Functional Aesthetics Course
  • Practical Occlusion Course
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction Training at LVI
  • Comprehensive Aesthetic Reconstruction Training at LVI
  • Physiological Approach to Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea Course
  • Physiologic Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Course
  • Full Face Orthodontics Training at LVI
  • Controlled Arch Orthodontics and Case Finishing Course at LVI
  • Training in Six Month Smiles Orthodontics
  • Myofunctional Training at LVI
  • TMD: Diagnosis Course
  • TMD: Advanced Clinical Applications Course
  • Oral Conscious Sedation

Dr. Nathe understands the fears of the high anxiety dental patient and feels a deep sense of compassion for those who suffer from dental pain and disease because they are too fearful to seek treatment. He and his staff have been trained by the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS) and offer oral sedation to their patients.
Achieving and maintaining optimal health is the entire focus of Dr. Nathe’s dental philosophy. He is a cosmetic dentist who believes that a healthy smile can be a lifelong gift, and it is his mission to help each of his patients get their dream smile and keep that smile healthy for the rest of their lives.

“I am very proactive when it comes to dental health. I use a laser to detect the early stages of decay while it can still be treated with air abrasion technology, which involves gently removing decay with a stream of air and powder and then sealing the tooth with a tooth-colored resin. I have developed a special protocol for my patients at high risk of dental decay or periodontal disease. We take a “cosmetic line” measurement to screen children for abnormal growth of the face and jaw due to breathing disorders (as simple as a chronic stuffy nose) and evaluate adult patients for possible sleep apnea or breathing disorders. My computer technology, including jaw tracking and EMGs, allows me to diagnose and treat debilitating TMJ problems. I am 100% dedicated to helping my patients achieve the highest level of dental health that they desire.”

What does Dr. Nathe do when he is not practicing dentistry? He loves road and mountain biking, and water and snow skiing. In the last two years, Pete has competed in the 12-mile Tough Mudder Extreme Obstacle Challenge with his boys. He recently completed the Tri-Pass Challenge, riding more than 110 miles in one day over Cayuse, Chinook, and White Pass. He is also a Seahawks fan and has been at every home game for the last five years.
But the greatest joy of his life is his family that includes his wife and five children. Two of his sons are orthopedic surgeons, one is training to be an ophthalmologist, his daughter is a labor and delivery room nurse and his youngest daughter just started her medical training at the University of Washington School of Medicine. He is also the proud “Papa” to 8-year-old Kian, 6-year-old Ameera, 3-year-old Rohan, and 2-year -Greyson. He does his best to keep up with them on the ski slopes and mountain bike trails!

Meet Dr. Daniel Madden

Daniel Madden, DDS

Dr. Madden considers himself a friend, neighbor, adventurer, animal lover, musician, artist, outdoorsman and a health enthusiast, but he is also a dentist! He is dedicated to enhancing the patient experience and making you feel comfortable and cared for during your visits. Coming from a family of dentists, Dr. Madden graduated from the University of Minnesota with his dental degree and continues to prioritize his education so he can best serve his patients. His studies took him to the Netherlands where he practiced side-by-side with the world’s leading surgeons and restorative dentists, growing his passion for oral surgery, ceramic implant dentistry, wisdom teeth extractions and CAD-CAM dentistry.

“I love what I do, I love my patients and I am very excited to be involved in your care!” – Dr. Madden

Passionate about volunteering, Dr. Madden believes in giving back and has spent time volunteering for underserved communities throughout the Columbia River Gorge. He also volunteers his time to Give Kids a Smile Day, the Union Gospel Dental Mission, University of Minnesota Gopher football team and outreach programs for Peru.

Outside of the office, Dr. Madden enjoys exploring the great outdoors, practicing his photography and spending time with his wife and son. Some of his favorite hobbies include finding remote surf breaks, snowboarding and riding mountain bikes.